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One of the largest steelpan groups in North America, the Northern Lights Steel Orchestra is a non-profit organization with the simple goal of promoting the steelpan art form. Seeing steelpan in an elevated role, Mervyn T. Jordan established the orchestra in the fall of 1998. Having taken this sweet sounding Caribbean instrument beyond a novel form of tropical entertainment, the NLSO delivers an impressive fusion of musical styles for maximum enjoyment while adding a unique bit to the cultural life of the community. With something different to offer, interest has grown and people of all ages have been attracted by its wide appeal. This multi-ethnic group has quickly become one of the premier pan orchestras in North America.

The steelpan, a majestic, delicately powerful instrument, when played by an orchestra of the NLSO’s caliber produces a signature sound, unparalleled in the music world. Historically, the pans were forged from 55-gallon drums that were left to rust on the island of Trinidad by World War II Navies. Our chromed, high-carbon steel instruments carry the full chromatic range of notes, and after precise tuning, ring with a distinctive voice. A full steel orchestra has a dynamic range from the thundering bass up through the mid-ranges of cello and guitar to the high sopranos of the lead pans.

Performing for our country’s leaders at private events as well as for mass celebrations of over 15,000 has taught us to be flexible and contribute all we can.

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