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The NLSO provides musicians, roadies, drivers, directors & administrators. We all volunteer. Our package also includes tents, PA equipment, instruments, staging equipment, etc.

The cost to you (the hosting organization) defrays direct expenses in staging your event.

Primarily, distance traveled and time on tour determine the cost. We can get more specific when you contact us.


Full orchestra
1 U-haul truck and pickup with 2 trailers.

Bus/Private Vehicles
Lease &/or compensation

Fuel & Mileage
U-hauls, bus, & private vehicles (15-20)

Production Expenses
Extras that make your event impressive (fantastic), such as decorations, uniforms, etc.

Some situations work best with overnight accomodations.

We provide our orchestra members with a “pack lunch” unless the hosting organization would like to provide something on site. FYI –the greater majority of our members are vegetarian or vegan.

Good food gives us energy.

"To live is to give."
–Mervyn T. Jordan
NLSO Founder, Director

Uhauls at the Set-up

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