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School Events

“I love to play the drums and listen.
“Please come again!”
“Come back soon. We enjoyed you.”
“Thank you for teaching us!”
“Thanks for the awesome experience!”
“Your the best ever!”
–Evergreen Elementary School

“Thank you for everybody who
showed me how to play the
bass, I really had a wounderful
time learning and hopefully I will
continue. So thank you!”
–Grade 4

School Students at Pan Clinic

These are typically offered in conjunction with our school workshops. They offer an opportunity for the kids to hear what a steel pan sounds like to be inspired to try one themselves. We also offer these performances by themselves for schools that may not have enough time or space to dedicate to a complete workshop, but would still like to show their students something new and exciting.

School workshops are the NLSO’s opportunity to share with kids our love of music. We feel privileged to be able to go into schools & introduce kids to the bright, lively sound of the steel pan, to awaken student’s minds to their creative nature, while promoting the development of motor, learning and listening skills. Student’s find playing the steel pan, not only challenging, but fun too!

The following options are available for school workshops. It might help to think of it like an ala carte menu. Any or all of these options can be combined together to customize the perfect program for your school. If you have something particular in mind for your school & you don’t see it listed below please feel free to contact us and ask. We are more than happy to work with you to meet your needs.

NOTE: With every option or combination of options, we will decorate the workshop area and pans with balloons and small touches to add a festive, fun atmosphere.

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